Welcome 2014


Welcome 2014This expression was neither a political speech nor an academic writing but an attempt to just capture the flow of emotions on New Year’s Eve -2014: Welcome 2014! For many years in each New Years we as a nation we as a stateless state and broken borders were so anxious for your arrival. Do you know 14 of 20? we saw you as an inexperienced teenage moving towards us. We saw: your motion careless, your hands full of fires, your arrival as a departure, your advancement as backward gesture and your kindness as betrayal! but you know what? still we were waiting for your arrival! up to the point that our present times were constantly ignored,the value of times were continuously violated where the passage of its secretive motions were condemned by our values and its condensed atmosphere was answered by the demonstrations of our death and tortures. Instead of us: corruption celebrated you in various organs and structures, poverty was announcing its leading policy, insecurity was creating its ambitious vision and violations of human rights in a bold manner artistically exhibited on our women’s corpuses. Then the time was elapsing from our hands just like our treasures to just reach your ambiguity. Eventually you are here! Now the world celebrates you with fireworks and noise but why we are frightened from your globalized joy? Why we are not celebrating you?Aren’t we part of this world? One of the leading Islamic countries tries to win from the world the record of hospitality for Your Arrival not only by hosting you in its territory but also by dominating its sky with the dances of colours, fireworks of joy and creativity of its Time Achievements! To the contrary, in our country fires are targeting our children’s lives,our women’s chastity, men’s bravery and lives’s sanctity. Why? Why such a discrimination in the geographical existences?Does it mean the advancement of your time succeeded to not define human rights values by skin colours anymore but by geographical colours and locations? Now it is the moment of the truth!each juncture of world is dancing for your passage and you unite the world now. But You Ignorant Time!! Learn and Remember!!! WE ARE the essence of this definition and future! Now that you 2014 are here,we judge your civilized nations, your advancements over time, through our voices through our determinations and through the pride of our pains not only to save ourselves but to save You and Your narrow-minded world. Remember we are taking the leadership soon!


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