Farkhunda Zahra Naderi

Politician, Women Rights Defender

Farkhunda Zahra Naderi, born in Kabul is an Afghan politician and rights defender. She has been engaged in advocacy, political, social and cultural activities since 2007 after she graduated from university with a BA degree.


She joined Afghanistan's National Assembly in 2010 with the highest votes from Kabul province. During the 5-year service time as MP, she continuously raised voice for women's right including advocacy for the women's membership in the Afganistan's supreme court.


Miss Naderi did not continue her job as MP after the 5-year legitimate period of parliament was over as she strongly believed in the social contract and the accountability to the people in institutional reform and structure. However, the round 17th election of the Afghan parliament was delayed for a period of 3 years and the extension of round 16th was endorsed by the government. As a result, the Afghan parliament in round 16th went for 8 years long.


In December 2016 she joined as the senior advisor to President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in UN affairs and completed the 'One-UN' document before she resigned in 2018.


Currently, she is a member of the High National Council for Reconciliation (HNCR) concentrating on peace-oriented activities with women and youth on her agenda.

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