History will condemn Afghan youths “Silence”

Farkhunda Zahra Naderi giving speechThe parliamentarian and youths rights activist, FZN, speaking in a Kabul press summit said, if the Afghan youths play their own active role, the country will would move toward democracy, victory and dignity.

She insists, one of the many ways the youths could have their own active part is, participation in the upcoming presidential and provincial council’s national elections.

The MP hopes, the youths may provoke the other deprived classes of Afghan society like women, to come out of their houses and have an active role in the elections.

:” My last wordings are that, only the youths, and the only the youths ideas could change the dirty face of Afghanistan politics into a more smooth, mechanized, public-focused and national face. Therefore, if our youths chose to be silent, the history of this country will condemn them. In the contrary, if the youths would play its active and effective part in building the country, for sure the country will go forward democracy, victory and dignity.” She emphasized.

The summit, naming Role of youths in up-coming 2014 elections was attended by a number of youth parliamentarians.

The parliamentarian, Ms. Nahid Fareed, emphasized in the press summit argued the Afghan youths to perform their responsibilities for the present and up-coming Afghan generations.

:” We are passing one of the most important juncture in whole history of our country; when all eyes are looking to us (the youths). We are confident that the youths could guarantee the country’s future. Thus, we request you all to fulfill your historical task in the up-coming 2014 elections. If we do ignore the elections, we not only kill our own wishes but also the future generation’s wishes and demands.” Ms. Nahid added.

The youth parliamentarian, Ramazan Jumazada, speaking the summit, said “the youths participation in elections and other political process are too vital in the strengthening the newly-born Afghan democracy.”

The prominent youth’s activist, Dr. Naqebulla Faeq suggested in the summit that:” a ministry with name of “Youths and Sport” must be added in the list of Afghan cabinet for addressing the tremendous Afghan youth’s challenges.”

The youngest member of the parliament, Rangina kargar, said the summit, that the young MPs in the Afghan lower house would support that specific candidates in the next presidential elections that are not  misusing the youths votes.

More than 60 per cent of the Afghanistan population consists of youths. However, the role and power of youths usually been ignored by the politicians for long time.

Reporter: Qiam Noori

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